Faculty of Business Management
Department of Commercial Science


Yusuke Ikuta


  1. Kobe University Graduate School of Economics Research Fellow 2016/04/01-2017/03/31
  2. Asia Pacific Institute of Research (APIR) Research Fellow 2017/04/01-2019/03/31

Academic background

  1. Shiga University Faculty of Economics Department of Management 2007/03 Graduated
  2. Kobe University Graduate School of Economics 専修コース Doctor prophase 2013/03 Completed
  3. Kobe University Graduate School of Economics Doctor later 2016/03 Completed

Academic degrees

  1. 博士(経済学) Kobe University 2016/03

Research Areas

  1. Economic policy
  2. Commerce

Research keywords

  1. Industrial Organization
  2. Competition Policy
  3. Business Economics

Subject of research

  1. ネットワーク型産業(電力・電気通信)の経済分析 2013/04/01-Present
  2. Estimation of Business Sentiment from Text data 2017/04/01-Present
  3. 人工知能に関する損害賠償責任制度の経済分析 2020/04/01-Present


  1. Research paper (scientific journal) Joint Nowcasting Business Sentiment from Economic News Article Journal of Information Processing Society of Japan Information Processing Society of Japan 62/ 5, 1288-1297 2021/05/01
  2. Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution) Joint テキストデータを利用した新しい景況感指標の開発と応用(下) ― 応用編:深層学習を利用したテキスト分析― APIR Discussion Paper Series No.48 2021/02
  3. Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution) Joint テキストデータを利用した新しい景況感指標の開発と応用(上) ― 入門編:基礎的概念と分析手法の解説 ― APIR Discussion Paper Series No.47 2020/11
  4. Research paper (international conference proceedings) Joint S-APIR: News-based Business Sentiment Index Proceedings of the 24th European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems 2020/08
  5. Research paper (research society, symposium materials, etc.) Joint ニュース記事に基づく景気指標S-APIRの開発 第24回人工知能学会金融情報学研究会 2020/03

Research presentations

  1. Oral presentation(general) ニュース記事に基づく景気指標S-APIRの開発 第24回人工知能学会 金融情報学研究会(SIG-FIN) 2020/03/14
  2. Oral presentation(general) テキストデータを利用した新しい景況感指標の開発と応用 マクロモデル研究会(第13回) 2019/09/13
  3. Oral presentation(general) Estimating Business Sentiment from News Texts IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering 2019 2019/06/03
  4. Oral presentation(general) Linear supply function competition in a vertically related market The 15th Japan Economic Policy Studies International Conference 2016/10
  5. Oral presentation(general) Unregulated upstream monopolist in vertical structure: Vertical integration versus legal unbundling European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, The 43rd Annual Conference 2016/08


  1. 凌霜賞  2014/06

Memberships of academic societies

  1. The Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence 2020/02/14-Present
  2. European Assosiation for Research in Industrial Economics 2016/04-Present
  3. The Japanese Economic Association 2016/04-Present
  4. Japan Economic Policy Association 2013/04-Present

Unused input form4

  1. テキスト・マイニングによる新たな景況感指標の計測と応用 松林 洋一 神戸大学大学院,経済学研究科,教授 2020

Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds)

  1. Science research expense 人工知能に関する損害賠償責任制度の経済分析 21K13301 若手研究 Representative 生田 祐介 2021/04/01-2024/03/31